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Redline Services takes the hassle out of your holiday season!  
Below are 9 reasons to hire a professional for your Christmas light installation.


Save yourself time to enjoy the holidays this year. When you hire us to install your display you get more time to spend actually enjoying the season and less time worrying about tangled lights and ladders.



Getting up on top of a roof is never at the top of the list of safe activities, but especially not in the winter… ice, wind, slick roofs, tall ladders, dark evenings, and tangled lights… Need we say more? 



We use the highest quality lights for all of our Christmas light displays. What this means to you are more durable and brighter Christmas lights, as well as, fuller and longer lasting garland and wreaths. The quality of lighting and holiday decorations we offer are hands down better than what you will find at a retail store.



You can meet with a professional Christmas light installer ahead of time to discuss specific looks and decorating ideas. In addition, they will consider your home when designing your lighting. It’s important to take into consideration your landscaping, architecture, existing electrical infrastructure, and more.



Our friendly Christmas light installation crews are trained to install each display with the utmost care. They use systems and methods to install your lights quickly, efficiently, and without any hassles.  Your display is installed with property friendly clips and fasteners, all cords are custom cut to your home and safely and neatly hidden.



The holiday season is exceptionally busy. When bulbs go out or an unexpected storm ruffles your decor, give us a call and we will come fix it. We will make sure your holiday lights stay looking perfect all through the season.



When the holidays are over and the in-laws have gone home, the last thing you want to do is deal with taking down holiday lights. Come season’s end, our crews will be back to take down your display with the same attention to detail and care as your installation. Keep your ladders, mittens and gloves- we’ve got your take-down covered.



After take-down, we safely package it. Before each year’s installation we test ALL lights before install to confirm everything is working up to its optimum performance.



Handling outdoor lights anytime after October can be tricky. Not to mention the longer you wait, the colder it’s going to get. Stay inside warm and cozy, let us face those freezing temps while you sit inside and enjoy a nice cup of cocoa!


It’s just not Christmas without Christmas lights. They make everything more festive and bright. Don’t miss out because you’re too busy, bad weather, or for safety reasons.  Contact Redline Services today to schedule your free estimate.  

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