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Spring Cleaning for Your Landscape Lighting: The Importance of Maintenance

Are you excited about the arrival of grilling season? Can you smell the aromas and flavors in the air? With warmer weather quickly approaching, so is the ability to spend more time outdoors in the evening. If you have landscape lighting installed now is a great time to have it serviced. The fact is, regular maintenance for your outdoor lighting will help to ensure its superior performance year after year and ensure everything is working properly.

Here you can find some helpful spring cleaning tips and bits of advice that will help you keep your lighting system working properly throughout the year.

Misaligned or Out of Place Fixtures As time passes, fixtures are often knocked around by mowers, kids, pets and even snow may shift the placement. A misaligned fixture can ruin the desired impact of the lights. It is a good idea to have all of the fixtures that are part of your landscape lighting adjusted and straightened back to their original positions.

Lights that are Out or Dim

If your landscape lighting is dim, it may be an indication that the lenses are dirty. It is essential that you keep the lenses clean at all times. Debris, dirt, and mineral deposits can block or dim the light emitted from a fixture. This is especially true for any fixtures sitting close to the ground. The good news is, cleaning the fixtures is fairly simple. All you need is a nonabrasive cloth and a type of CLR cleaner. In some situations, it will require a bit of elbow grease to get them completely clean.

If there are lights that are completely out, then the bulbs will have to be replaced. You need to make sure you purchase the right wattage and bulb when you are replacing the lights. It is also important to change the bulb as quickly as possible when it is burnt out. In low-voltage systems, every bulb is going to draw a small amount of voltage when working. As they burn out, the bulbs that are still working are going to receive a higher amount of voltage. This can shorten the life of the good bulbs, costing you more in the long run.

Cut or Exposed Wires Occasionally, during plant removals or landscaping projects, the wires may become cut or damaged accidentally. Also, the freezing and thawing of the ground in the winter months can cause a wire to move to the surface. If this occurs, the wires will need to be reburied. It is also a good idea to look at the wire closely before burying it. If the copper wire is showing it will have to be repaired before it is reburied.

If it has been several years since your landscape lights were first installed, or since they were last serviced, it is time to contact Redline Services. We can help ensure your exterior lighting system is up to par and that it meets your needs.

If you have a new system and want to ensure that it stays in excellent condition from the beginning, consider regular maintenance by our technicians. Click here to learn more about our maintenance plans or give us a call today at 256.468.1257.


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