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A Change in Seasons

Although the true end of Summer is still more than a month away, in our house change is in the air. Huntsville City Schools are back in session on Monday. And even though we are knee deep in the "school days" phase, I would bet that those of you not as intimately involved with back to school can still feel the shift from summer to fall coming. Traffic will increase on your morning commute to work next week and children peddling wrapping paper and cookie dough for school fundraisers will begin appearing at your doors soon.

I'm sure we can all feel it coming, but I know it looks different for everyone. For us, one of the biggest changes is the structure and routine that come with the kids going to school. This year, our oldest son begins his high school career, our middle son is a first grader and our youngest son, who turns two next week, will participate in a Mother's Morning Out program. If you think that sounds like chaos, you are right! So on that front, we welcome much needed structure and routine back into our days. Earlier bedtimes and mornings, packing lunches, wearing real clothes and shoes daily, less pool time along with more homework and school projects will soon be our new normal. Our sons' hockey seasons will also ramp up again soon so many evenings will be spent at the ice rink for practice and we are road warriors on the weekends traveling for tournaments. Our Redline Services owner, Matt, coaches our oldest son's travel team.

On the business front, it is full speed ahead as well. We are already renewing Christmas light installations and doing new estimates for the fast-approaching season. We've been in Huntsville, Hampton Cove and Madison getting measurements and talking with new clients about Christmas light design ideas over the past couple of weeks. We usually begin in early summer gearing up for the coming Christmas light season. Checking inventory and ordering supplies, training new crew members and putting together our schedule. Lights will start going up late October and we will be done with installations by the first week of December. Once the New Year begins, it's time to take everything down and store it for next season. If you haven't yet renewed your installation or if you would like a free estimate, contact us now to get on our schedule.

Our days getting shorter is another very visible change that comes with this transition. I've already begun to notice that the sun is setting earlier. This is honestly one of my least favorite things about such a favorite time of year. I love the crisp mornings, hot coffee, pumpkin spice fragrances, football and anticipation of Christmas that come with Fall. It just gets dark so early! I don't know anyone who enjoys leaving work when it is dark outside and coming home to a dark house. For that reason, our phones get busier as the days get shorter. We can help your home look more welcoming on cool, dark evenings. We can also light the path to your front door to keep you or your guests from stumbling. Hanging string lights or illuminating your back deck rails and steps are favorite ways that we can help you enjoy the cool, dark nights. Add ambiance and functionality to your outdoor entertainment space and enjoy the big game and time with family and friends outdoors on a crisp night! Let us help you bring light to your home and outdoor space this Fall.

This change in season, from "summer break" to "back to school" brings a lot of excitement and activity to our family and our small business. Thankfully we gain a little structure and routine too! We would love to hear your thoughts on going back to school! Are you not yet ready to say goodbye to sweet summertime or are you cheering on the arrival of Fall!

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