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Redline Services, LLC began as a small lawn care business to keep our owner, Matt Seikel, busy on his days off from the fire station.  Over the years, the business continued to grow and help better provide for his growing family. Redline began to transition in to an outdoor lighting business 7 years ago.  Now we are fully dedicated to making your home shine. 


Whether you need pathway or landscape lights to brighten your home's exterior year round, you are creating a backyard oasis and want patio, deck or task lighting to complete the space, or you want the seasonal sparkle of Christmas lights without any of the hassle, we can help!  

Outdoor Lighting Perfectly Suited for your Home 

Redline Services, LLC offers outdoor lighting solutions that will make your home shine year round.   Based in Huntsville, AL we proudly serve Huntsville and surrounding areas throughout north Alabama. 


Redline is your expert when it comes to seasonal Christmas light installation and low-voltage landscape lighting.  We also specialize in outdoor lighting for your wedding or event. 


And  one of our favorite ways to work with you is by enhancing your backyard oasis with outdoor lighting that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun goes down.   

Ready to see your home in a whole new light? 

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